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The Audemars Piguet Survivor premiered in 2008 and offered out quickly. With simply 1,000 pieces created, this special edition AP was difficult to achieve, which made recognizing one out of an audience, a hard-to-find phenomenon.

The style of the Audemars Piguet Survivor Replica is sleek and trendy, but doesn't lack edgesurvivor and virility. It’s innovative architecture set the bar high inside the offshore family, inside and outside. The chunky maleness from the situation and also the massive chronographs create a feeling of indestructability, which makes it a tight schedule to look at to sport when surviving the apocalypse.

Greater than an uncanny coincidence of timing, the Survivor demonstrated that in high horology you will get away with anything should you choose it with higher manners.

Each facet, drilling, and hinge from the Survivor Replica was performed with similar loving artisanal elegance because the hairline bevels of the Royal Oak Extra-Thin. The muzzle-brake crown switched using the heft of the bank vault tumbler, and also the flamboyant grenade-style “pin guards” atop the chronograph pushers thrown using the crisp action of the rifle’s secure.

Amongst Survivor’s mass of details, there have been subtleties such as the shock of red atop the seconds hands and also the relieved channels all around the bezel bolts. Within the situation, its caliber 3126 bore exactly the same refined decoration just like any Jules Audemars automatic. It might have appeared as if a digital rebel, however the Audemars Piguet Survivor knockoff would be a graduate of their own type of finishing school.

No Royal Oak ever has contacted the aesthetic and thematic extreme from the Survivor. While certain models were bigger, more costly, more difficult, or even more exclusive, none has matched the sheer brutality and dogma-free design ambition from the AP Survivor fake.

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